It’s All About the Animals

Come experience how the fair began. Livestock exhibitions are the origins of our fair. Stroll through any of the animal barns and you'll find dedicated people showing their animals and exhibiting top stewardship practices just like they did 83 years ago.

Learn how and why an animal is judged and check out our demonstration schedules. The Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair is proud to operate under the strictest standards for health and safety, for animals and people. On-site veterinarians and medical staff are available to care for all our living creatures as needed.


Junior Livestock Auction


All Grand and Reserve Champion animals will be sold during the Junior Livestock Auction – steers, lambs, goats, swine, broilers, pullets, and rabbits. The following number is the maximum number of animals that will sell: 15 swine, 15 lambs, 15 steers, 9 pens of broilers, 2 pens of pullets, 4 goats and 4 Rabbits.


Livestock Exhibitors

2021 Livestock Catalog

2021 Livestock Form


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