These awkward, but cute and cuddly racing animals are real crowd pleasers. These natural comedians bolt from the starting gate and race around the track snorting and squealing, stubby legs churning and curly tails sailing along behind. Featuring pigs and dachshunds, you’ll love seeing the Hollywood Hog All-Stars, the Royal Pigs of Hamelot, the International Stunt Team, the Hot Dog Pig Racing Team, and the Super-Hot Dog Team.






Chachi “The Rocketman” Valenica makes his living as a Human Cannonball being shot from a cannon; free flying through the air at speeds of 55mph, heights of over 65 ft., and distances of 165 ft. He lands in a narrow net, set 20 ft. off the ground. The Rocketman Valencia has over twenty-three years of Human Cannonball experience.


The Rocketman has performed as a Human Cannonball in the world’s biggest events.

Not only was he the 2012 London Olympics’ jaw dropping finishing bang to their closing ceremonies, which was televised to billions of people around the globe, he was the secret weapon in Rio De Janeiro’s 2014 Carnival competition becoming the first person ever to shoot 6 times in 40 minutes atop a giant moving float.