Youth Talent Competition


Don't miss your opportunity to showcase your talent at the 2018 Youth Talent Competition at the Arkansas & Oklahoma State Fair!  

The Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair wants to see you shine!  If you have the passion to us what you got!



All entries must be submitted by paper, and you MUST have entered a county fair that is within our district before entering at the Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair. 


Deadline for Entries September 19th, 2018.

Up to 10 finalist will be chosen for Division 1: Ages 10 to 15 and up to 10 finalist for Division 2: Ages 16-21.

Lucky finalists will be chosen for a chance to perform in the Expo Center building on fairgrounds at Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair Talent Competition on September 22nd, at 3:00 PM!


Ready to enter? Click the link below!

Showcase Your Talent! - Enter the Youth Talent Competition


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