2016 Midway Acts


Fire Stryker Prehistoric Adventure

A smoke blowing, fire breathing, wing flapping, one of a kind Dragon. Led around on a leash by a “medieval viking” handler, as large crowds gather to get up close and personal to this incredible flying beast. 

See this pre-historic dragon roaming around the Midway at the fair. But don't be frightened, this dragon is very approachable and loves showing off his dragon abilities!





Kachunga Alligator Show

Don't miss Kachunga's amazing alligator show on the Choctaw Casino Stage at this year's fair! Watch in astonishment as he apprehends a ferocious man-eating reptile with his bare hands. Most people have never seen an alligator up close. The mystique of these giant reptiles is in itself a big draw. Now imagine the thrill of watching a man pit his strength and agility against nine feet 300 Ibs. of lashing tail and gnashing jaws in a dangerous dance of reflexes and cunning.





Kerry Sharp Hypnotist

He performs a comedy hypnosis show with volunteers from the audience.  They  become the stars of the show.  High-energy, hilarious, and always in good clean taste(PG).  The true magic of his show is seeing people experience the amazing side of their imagination.  The sub-conscious mind is revealed in a powerful and entertaining way. Volunteers are always treated with respect.


Thank you to all our sponsors!